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NBA Power Rankings: Week 1

The first week of the 2020-21 NBA season is in the books and there are some exciting things to come out of it. Some good teams were off-par, and some expected bad teams are undefeated. Along with that, we have seen the biggest halftime deficit in history in the Mavs-Clippers game as the Mavericks dominated to ge3t their first win. With that, we take a look at the Power Rankings after Week 1 of the new season with some surprising members of the top 10:

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Record: 2-1

Pace: 104.0 (12th) OffRtg: 119.5 (1st) DefRtg: 103.5 (9th) NetRtg: +16.0 (2nd)

After a disappointing loss on ring night, the Lakers have dominated teams with the best offensive rating in the league while boasting a top ten defense. The scary part is that they have not needed LeBron or AD to take over or even play for them to perform at this level as a team. Their new additions are proving themselves and the Lakers already look like favourites to defend their championship even after just one week.

Week 2: vs POR, @ SAS, @ SAS, @ MEM

2. Brooklyn Nets

Record: 2-1

Pace: 104.5 (10th) OffRtg: 112.1 (8th) DefRtg: 95.8 (1st) NetRtg: +16.3 (1st)

The Brooklyn Nets have looked unstoppable with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving on the floor, dominating teams on both ends of the floor. The Nets also boast strong depth beyond their two stars and their second unit has looked comfortable most of the time. They did lose a nail-biter again the Hornets but that was without both Durant and Irving so there is little need for concern. The Nets have emerged early as the main contenders for the championship and the East and it will be up to everyone else if they are to be stopped.

Week 2: vs MEM, vs ATL, vs ATL, vs WAS

3. Indiana Pacers

Record: 3-0

Pace: 105.2 (8th) OffRtg: 112.0 (9th) DefRtg: 101.6 (6th) NetRtg: +10.4 (5th)

The Pacers have surprised a lot of people in the first week of the season, dominating teams, especially on the interior. Over the first three games, the Pacers have averaged 68 points in the paint which is more than all but two of their games last season. Sabonis has been putting up MVP numbers and looks solid next to Turner which was a concern for many analysts. They can certainly improve from beyond the arc but if they continue to dominate teams inside then it should not be too much of an issue.

Week 2: vs BOS, vs CLE, vs NYK

4. LA Clippers

Record: 2-1

Pace: 98.2 (29th) OffRtg: 105.4 (21st) DefRtg: 115.6 (23rd) NetRtg: -10.2 (27th)

The Clippers redeemed themselves from the bubble with strong wins over the Lakers and Nuggets and would potentially be number one on this list had they not suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Mavericks. They faced a 50-point deficit at half time and over the course of that one game, all of their ratings took a serious dive. If they lose Kawhi for any more than a few games, the Clippers may be in trouble in the coming weeks, but all signs point to them making a swift comeback and rising back to the top of the power rankings.

Week 2: vs MIN, vs POR, @ UTA, @ PHX

5. Atlanta Hawks

Record: 2-0

Pace: 105.8 (6th) OffRtg: 116.6 (4th) DefRtg: 101.9 (7th) NetRtg: +14.7 (3rd)

We all knew the Hawks were going to be dangerous on the offensive end but what has surprised the league is how well they have performed on defense through the first week of the season. Even without some of their key players, the Hawks have been impressive and fun to watch in their first two games. Trae Young has started the season putting up MVP numbers and looks to be putting some effort in on defense while Bogdanovic looks like an early contender for the sixth man award. The Hawks have a tough week coming up with back-to-back games against Brooklyn but if they can split their 4 games this week then they will be very pleased.

Week 2: vs DET, @ BKN, @ BKN, vs CLE

6. Cleveland Cavaliers

Record: 3-0

Pace: 101.9 (17th) OffRtg: 111.9 (10th) DefRtg: 100.3 (2nd) NetRtg: +11.6 (4th)

The Cavs have potentially been the most fun team to watch in the first week of the season. In addition, no one though the Cavs would have the number two rated defense and a top ten offense. Collin Sexton has been putting up MVP numbers while shooting the lights out along with Darius Garland. While this clearly is not sustainable, it is great to see this young team perform without the pressure of expectations. The Cavs look to be a great league pass team this season.

Week 2: vs NYK, @ IND, @ ATL

7. Orlando Magic

Record: 3-0

Pace: 105.8 (5th) OffRtg: 114.2 (5th) DefRtg: 107.3 (15th) NetRtg: +6.9 (7th)

The Magic have surprised the league by going undefeated through the first week of the season. They have been strong on offence and average on defense which has guided them to be a solid team to matchup against. Vucevic has been their star, putting up MVP numbers in week one and Markelle Fultz has looked much improved as an offensive player and can help lead this team to stay a top ten offence in the NBA. The other thing to note is their success when trailing in the fourth quarter. They have come back to win from a deficit in all three of their games so far and that says a lot about their maturity as a team.

Week 2: @OKC, vs PHI, vs OKC

8. Phoenix Suns

Record: 2-1

Pace: 101.7 (19th) OffRtg: 106.2 (19th) DefRtg: 101.3 (4th) NetRtg: +4.9 (10th)

Chris Paul has proven that he is still a clutch player in Phoenix so far this season, coming up big in their first two games which went down to the wire. Devin Booker has also looked strong even with decreased production. The main area that the Suns can improve currently is on the interior which is where Deandre Ayton will be key. Currently, the Suns rank 28th in both free throw rate and shots attempted in the restricted area so if Ayton can improve his impact, this will be a dangerous team.

Week 2: vs NOP, @ UTA, @ DEN, vs LAC

9. Dallas Mavericks

Record: 1-2

Pace: 99.8 (26th) OffRtg: 114.0 (6th) DefRtg: 105.7 (12th) NetRtg: +8.4 (6th)

It might seem strange to place a below .500 team in the top ten of the power rankings but the Mavericks’ win against the Clippers was so dominating in fashion that they had to shoot up the list. Overall, the Mavs and Luka Doncic have had a relatively slow start which I do not expect to continue. On the plus side, Josh Richardson has impressed so far with his new team, averaging nearly 17 points on impressive efficiency. Dallas has a pretty soft schedule over the next week so Luka should be able to find his form and the team success should follow.

Week 2: vs CHA, vs MIA, @ CHI

10. San Antonio Spurs

Record: 2-1

Pace: 104.7 (9th) OffRtg: 110.2 (12th) DefRtg: 105.1 (11th) NetRtg: +5.1 (9th)

The Spurs have looked impressive in their first week of the season. Aldridge and DeRozan are playing near their best and have even been stretching the floor at times. The bench has also been a major strength with Rudy Gay a +44 in total and Patty Mills averaging nearly 15 points in just 24 minutes. Gregg Popovic appears to have gotten his mojo back and can hopefully continue to lead this team back into the playoffs after his first extended offseason this century. The real test for them will come this week with back- to-back games against the Lakers.

Week 2: vs LAL, vs LAL, vs UTA

11. Miami Heat

Record: 1-1

Pace: 101.5 (20th) OffRtg: 107.9 (17th) DefRtg: 103.4 (8th) NetRtg: +4.5 (12th)

This seems like a fair spot for Miami after they split their first two games without really showing us too much to project their season on. Starting Tyler Herro was a bold move that has not paid off quite yet, but I love them bringing Dragic off the bench as he is thriving in this position. It may be better to start Nunn or Bradley in place of Herro and allow him to excel in the same role that he had last year. The back-to-back against Milwaukee will be a true test to see where the Heat are this season.

Week 2: vs MIL, vs MIL, @ DAL

12. New Orleans Pelicans

Record: 2-1

Pace: 100.7 (23rd) OffRtg: 102.0 (27th) DefRtg: 101.3 (5th) NetRtg: +0.7 (14th)

Stan Van Gundy was tasked with fixing the defense of this team and so far, he looks to have had a significant impact as the Pelicans have boasted a top five defense through the first three games. Unfortunately, their stellar defense has come at a cost with their offense looking lacklustre and bottom four in the league. Having said that, Brandon Ingram looks to be an all-star again this season while Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson seem to have taken the next step in their development over the offseason. If they can get their offense going, the Pelicans look to be a team that no one is excited to face in the West.

Week 2: @ PHX, @ OKC, vs TOR

13. Philadelphia 76ers

Record: 2-1

Pace: 100.8 (22nd) OffRtg: 104.3 (23rd) DefRtg: 104.0 (10th) NetRtg: +0.3 (16th)

The Philadelphia 76ers have been an inconsistent team to start the season with their roster not really able to get on the same page through the first three games. Their defense is much better than their offense which was to be expected and they have a way to go on that end of the floor. Seth Curry has been a handy addition, providing some consistent shooting while their other shooter in Danny Green has struggled. Ben Simmons looks like he is still rounding into form while Joel Embiid looks like this could be his most dominant season yet if he can remain healthy. The Sixers could be a scary team if they can become a little more consistent as a team.

Week 2: vs TOR, @ ORL, vs CHA

14. Utah Jazz

Record: 1-1

Pace: 101.8 (18th) OffRtg: 113.2 (7th) DefRtg: 106.4 (14th) NetRtg: +6.8 (8th)

The Jazz are difficult to place on this week’s power ranking as they looked dominant in their first game against Portland but a few nights later, they looked lost against a mediocre team in Minnesota. Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert have looked okay so far but definitely have a lot of room to improve for the Jazz to make any sort of noise in the West. The major surprise for Utah so far this season has been Mike Conley who has looked like the Jazz’s best player through two games and he could be the key to the Jazz improving from last season if he can keep it up and become the true third star on this team.

Week 2: @ OKC, vs PHX, vs LAC, @ SAS

15. Milwaukee Bucks

Record: 1-2

Pace: 103.2 (15th) OffRtg: 118.6 (2nd) DefRtg: 114.0 (22nd) NetRtg: +4.7 (11th)

There are a lot of factors that play into the Bucks’ slow start. The angst surrounding Giannis’ contract decision and the multiple roster changes in the offseason most notably. However, the Bucks have looked very poor on the defensive end, which is uncharacteristic for this team, especially when you have the reigning defensive player of the year leading the roster. Giannis has also looked a bit slow to start the season, but I anticipate that will pick up the closer we get to the playoffs. The Bucks will be happy with Holiday and Middleton who have both been shining in the new season and look to be very solid pieces next to Giannis this season.

Week 2: @ MIA, @ MIA, vs CHI

16. Boston Celtics

Record: 1-2

Pace: 100.2 (24th) OffRtg: 108.0 (15th) DefRtg: 116.9 (26th) NetRtg: -8.9 (24th)

With Kemba Walker missing the start of the season, the Celtics have been missing a dedicated playmaker and Tatum has had to take on the load on offense. While Tatum and Brown have looked impressive, there is plenty of room to grow. Tatum has only taken four free throws and needs to improve his game on the interior and while the Celtics have had a tough schedule to open their season, there is still no excuse for poor shot selection so look for Brad Stevens to make some changes going into next week and until they get Kemba back in the lineup.

Week 2: @ IND, vs MEM, @ DET, @ DET

17. Denver Nuggets

Record: 0-2

Pace: 98.6 (27th) OffRtg: 110.6 (11th) DefRtg: 118.4 (29th) NetRtg: -7.8 (22nd)

Nikola Jokic looks like a serious MVP candidate through two games and was coming up clutch down the stretch against Sacramento but outside of him, the Nuggets look lost, especially on defense. They are struggling with rebounding and look lost on the defensive end a lot of the time. The offense will always be there for this team and will even improve as Murray and Porter find their feet, but it is the effort and energy on defense that will define this team’s season.

Week 2: vs HOU, @ SAC, vs PHX, @ MIN

18. Portland Trail Blazers

Record: 1-1

Pace: 98.6 (27th) OffRtg: 109.6 (13th) DefRtg: 118.8 (30th) NetRtg: -9.2 (24th)

The Trail Blazers are still not a good side on the defensive end despite the significant roster changes in the offseason, but the good news is that CJ McCollum looks to be back to all-star level next to Damien Lillard. In order to take the next step as a team, Robert Covington and Derrick Jones Jr will have to produce on defense like they were brought in to do and then you can rely on the offense of the backcourt to take the Blazers over the line in most games.

Week 2: @ LAL, @ LAC, @ GWS, @ GWS

19. Houston Rockets

Record: 0-1

Pace: 97.8 (30th) OffRtg: 117.8 (3rd) DefRtg: 117.4 (27th) NetRtg: +0.3 (15th)

There is only so much James Harden can do and their only game of the season so far against Portland proved that. The Rockets missed out on their first game due to COVID protocols and will be missing key players like Wall, Gordon, and Cousins for at least one more game and their only game against Portland was concerning. Harden had a massive night, notching 44 points and a career high 17 assists and Christian Wood looked exciting but outside of that, the Rockets struggled. Their defense is of most concern and will need to improve significantly if they want to make the playoffs this year. We will see how the Rockets look once they are able to produce their full roster for a game.

Week 2: @ DEN, vs SAC, vs SAC

20. Minnesota Timberwolves

Record: 2-1

Pace: 103.8 (13th) OffRtg: 102.3 (26th) DefRtg: 108.7 (18th) NetRtg: -6.4 (20th)

The Timberwolves suffered a tough loss in Karl-Anthony Towns who dislocated his wrist late against Utah and is expected to miss several weeks. With KAT injured, the offensive load falls on Russell and Edwards and that is a concern as even with Towns, their offense was among the worst in the league. Their win against the Jazz was reassuring and the Timberwolves can still realistically keep their sights on a top 10 finish in the West, but they will need to develop a lot of their young players in a hurry if they are to achieve that goal.

Week 2: @ LAC, vs WAS, vs DEN

21. Sacramento Kings

Record: 2-1

Pace: 101.0 (21st) OffRtg: 105.8 (20th) DefRtg: 108.3 (17th) NetRtg: -2.5 (18th)

The Sacramento Kings are a difficult team to place as they have a positive record but there are a lot of worrying signs coming from the team. It took a miracle to beat Denver and all of their ratings are in the bottom half of the league. They have significantly improved their rebounding which has been a weakness for the past several seasons, but Marvin Bagley has not looked like himself through the first three games and will need to improve if the Kings hope to make the playoffs. While there are some concerns, Kings fans can be excited about De’Aaron Fox and rookie, Tyrese Haliburton who have looked impressive in the backcourt so far.

Week 2: vs DEN, @ HOU, @ HOU

22. Toronto Raptors

Pace: 104.3 (11th) OffRtg: 101.9 (28th) DefRtg: 111.5 (19th) NetRtg: -9.6 (26th)

The Raptors had high expectations entering this season despite losing their entire center rotation, but they are clearly missing them as they have been struggling on the interior with rebounding especially. The Raptors are also struggling on the defensive end after being one of the strongest defensive teams over the last two seasons. They have been outscored significantly without Kyle Lowry despite him playing 39 minutes in their season opener and reigning coach of the year, Nick Nurse will need more from his bench if the Raptors are going to get some wins on the board.

Week 2: @ PHI, vs NYK, @ NOP

23. New York Knicks

Record: 1-2

Pace: 100.0 (25th) OffRtg: 109.4 (14th) DefRtg: 112.6 (20th) NetRtg: -3.2 (19th)

The Knicks have not looked absolutely terrible to start the season, and from a franchise that has been the joke of the league for some time, that is something to celebrate. Their bizarre 20-point win against the fully loaded Bucks was a massive surprise but it earns them the right to move up a few spots on the power rankings. Julius Randle has had a terrific start to the season as well as Alec Burks off the bench. As for their young pieces, RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson are finally getting the playing time they need to develop and look like much-improved players that have somewhere to go throughout the season. The injuries to their two rookies are disappointing but Knicks fans should be happy about their team after week 1.

Week 2: @ CLE, @ TOR, @ IND

24. Charlotte Hornets

Record: 1-2

Pace: 103.7 (14th) OffRtg: 105.1 (22nd) DefRtg: 107.4 (16th) NetRtg: -2.3 (17th)

The Hornets were looking to sit at the bottom of the power rankings after their losses to the Thunder and Cavs, but they redeemed themselves, holding on to beat the fully healthy Nets in a two-point thriller. Gordon Hayward and Terry Rozier have looked confident, lodging big numbers in week 1 and leading their team from the front. LaMelo Ball has had a disappointing start to his rookie season, coming off the bench and not making any real impact. The Hornets are hoping to make their way to the playoffs this season, but they will need more performances like the one against Brooklyn if they are going to have any real chance.

Week 2: @ DAL, vs MEM, @ PHI

25. Memphis Grizzlies

Record: 0-2

Pace: 107.0 (3rd) OffRtg: 107.9 (16th) DefRtg: 118.2 (28th) NetRtg: -10.3 (28th)

Ja Morant has been incredible through his first two games but the Grizzles have been awful without him, being outscored by 30 points in the 27 minutes Morant has been on the bench. Ja Morant cannot play every minute of the game so the Grizzlies need to find production from somewhere on the bench if they are going to compete. Kyle Anderson has been fun to watch, producing a series of highlights in his first two games but he is not the answer to their problems on the bench. The Grizzlies are also without Jaren Jackson Jr and it clearly shows on the court.

Week 2: @ BKN, @ BOS, @ CHA, vs LAL

26. Oklahoma City Thunder

Record: 1-0

Pace: 105.5 (7th) OffRtg: 103.8 (24th) DefRtg: 100.9 (3rd) NetRtg: +2.9 (13th)

The Thunder are the only undefeated team in the West and while that obviously will not last too long, it is okay to enjoy it for now. In a nail-biter against the Hornets, the Thunder were a solid defensive side and look like they can stay that way with their current roster and with Shai at the helm offensively, they project to be able to compete against teams in most circumstances. The Thunder are a rebuilding team and will not have a good record by season’s end, but they do look to produce some fun to watch basketball on their way to the lottery.

Week 2: vs UTA, vs ORL, vs NOP, @ ORL

27. Golden State Warriors

Record: 1-2

Pace: 112.0 (1st) OffRtg: 97.6 (29th) DefRtg: 116.0 (25th) NetRtg: -18.4 (30th)

The Warriors had a dreadful start to their season, and it took a miracle by the name of Damion Lee to get them in the winning column against the Chicago Bulls. While Stephen Curry has look pretty good, his supporting cast have been missing in action. Wiggins has taken too many shots and missed them and Oubre is yet to hit anything other than a dunk. On the bright side, Wiseman has made an instant impact and already looks to be a solid NBA starting center and the Warriors are still awaiting one of their most impactful players in Draymond Green to come back from injury. If the Warriors can split their 4-game road trip and open at the Chase Center as a .500 team then they will be optimistic about the upcoming home stand against Portland.

Week 2: @ DET, vs POR, vs POR

28. Washington Wizards

Record: 0-3

Pace: 106.2 (4th) OffRtg: 106.9 (18th) DefRtg: 113.8 (21st) NetRtg: -6.9 (21st)

The Wizards have looked like a solid NBA team with Westbrook and Beal on the floor but without their stars, they have been abysmal being outscored by 41 points in those 47 minutes over the first two games. It also has not helped that Davis Bertans has looked like a shadow of himself, shooting only 3 of 14 from the three-point line in the two games against Orlando. The Wizards are also as poor as expected on the defensive side of the ball, often collapsing, and allowing wide-open baskets. If the Wizards are looking to improve, they will have their opportunity over the next 3 games, against Chicago and Minnesota.

Week 2: vs CHI, vs CHI, @ MIN, @ BKN

29. Detroit Pistons

Record: 0-2

Pace: 102.3 (16th) OffRtg: 97.3 (30th) DefRtg: 105.8 (13th) NetRtg: -8.4 (23rd)

This Pistons team was bound to get off to a slow start with the offence being run by a rookie in Killian Hayes and a normally third option in Jerami Grant. Both of these games were easily winnable, and the Pistons had comfortable leads in the second half, but they did not have the composure or maturity to close them out. Mason Plumlee has been a pleasant surprise so far and gives them an extra playmaking option on the interior, but this team looks to be playing as expected. Poorly.

Week 2: @ ATL, vs GSW, vs BOS, vs BOS

30. Chicago Bulls

Pace: 109.5 (2nd) OffRtg: 102.4 (25th) DefRtg: 115.6 (24th) NetRtg: -13.2 (29th)

The Bulls have completely revamped their front office and coaching staff but that did not seem to make a difference as they lost their first two games by a combined 39 points. Their one-point loss to the struggling Warriors was a heartbreaker but unless they improve significantly on both ends of the floor, they will not win any games anytime soon. They have two games upcoming against the Wizards who are also yet to win so if they are going to get their season up and running, the next two games is when it will happen.

Week 2: @ WAS, @ WAS, @ MIL, vs DAL


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