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Obi Toppin Scouting Report

Position: PF

Height: 6’9”

Weight: 220 pounds (100kg)

College: Dayton

Age: 22

Wingspan: 7’2”

Standing Reach: N/A

Vertical: N/A

| 20.0 PTS | 2.2 AST | 7.5 TRB | 1.0 STL | 1.2 BLK | 2.2 TOV | 63.3% FG | 39.0% 3PT |

Offensive Role

Obi Toppin is an incredibly efficient scorer, especially from three-point range, for the power forward position. Toppin boasts a 68.4% true shooting percentage and has serious potential to stretch the floor for any NBA team. The other key attribute Toppin possesses is his pick and roll ability. Toppin is the best pick and roll big man in this draft and arguably the last several draft classes. He is so effective due to the several ways he can excel coming out of the pick and roll. If he rolls to the rim, he is an instant lob threat with his incredible wingspan. If the defence sags, he can use his ability to stretch the floor and shoot from the perimeter. If the team switches, he will use his strength to post up the smaller opponent. He is also seen as one of the best screen setters in the last several years and has decent playmaking for his position. Toppin is an incredibly impactful player on offense with a 125.3 offensive rating and a 9.0 offensive box plus/minus. Overall, he has a 32.5 PER rating which if he can translate to the NBA will put him on pace with some of the most impactful players in the game.

There are few negatives to Toppin’s offensive game, but he does not get to the free throw enough for a big man with only 4.5 attempts per game last season. Despite his efficiency from all areas, he can be reluctant to take jumpers which he will need to do if he is going to make an impact as a stretch four in the NBA. Finally, he struggles to take offensive rebounds which is important for his position.

Defensive Role

On defence, Obi Toppin is not quite as effective but still makes a solid impact. Despite spending a lot of his time in the post, he rarely gives away fouls averaging only 1.6 per game which means he does not give away easy baskets. He is still an impactful player on defence with a 90.3 defensive rating and a 3.3 defensive box plus/minus. Unfortunately, there is a lot more for him to improve upon on the defensive end. First of all, Toppin needs to work on his rebounding, he does not get enough boards for the power forward position. He also struggles with his footwork on defence. He is too slow on his feet to guard most smaller players on the perimeter and he often does not position his feet correctly in the post allowing opposing players to get past him or create space. Having said all of this, Toppin is an overall positive player on defence in college and should not be a massive liability in the NBA.

Medical History

No known major injuries to date.

NBA Comparison

Tobias Harris, Kenyon Martin, Amar’e Stoudemire, Shawn Marion.

Projected Pick

Obi Toppin is a potential top three pick in the 2020 NBA draft but like most of the other top prospects, his placement will depend on the draft lottery. Due to there being no defined top prospects in this draft class, teams will draft based on team need rather than talent. It is most

likely that Toppin gets picked between three and ten in this draft.

Likely Team Fit

The best team fit for Obi Toppin is the Phoenix Suns. The Suns have been rebuilding for some time now and are not too many pieces away from making the playoffs. They have a distinct lack of talent at the power forward position with their best player for next season currently being Cameron Johnson. Toppin would be an instant starter for this team and would allow Rubio to run the pick and roll while also helping stretch the floor with Kelly Oubre Jr. He should also drastically boost the team’s offence which has been carried on the back of Devin Booker or the last several seasons.


Obi Toppin has come from nowhere, surprising most to become a top prospect in this draft at age 22. He is an incredibly impactful offensive player who can hurt teams in the pick and roll, from behind the perimeter and in the post. There are some weaknesses defensively but overall, Toppin should not hurt a team on either end of the floor. The main question teams will have revolves around his draft age. Toppin is already 22 leading some to question if he has already hit close to his ceiling and if there is any more development to happen. Despite this, his talent is enough to land him as one of the top picks in this draft and depending on which team he ends up on, he can be and instant starter and make an immediate impact in the NBA.


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