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Isaac Okoro Scouting Report

Position: SF

Height: 6’6”

Weight: 225 pounds (102kg)

From: Auburn

Age: 19

Wingspan: 6’9”

Standing Reach: 8’4”

Vertical: N/A

| 12.9 PTS | 2.0 AST | 4.4 TRB | 0.9 STL | 0.9 BLK | 2.0 TOV | 51.4% FG | 28.6% 3PT | 67.2% FT |

Offensive Role

Isaac Okoro is a promising young prospect who can play multiple positions on both ends of the court. Okoro has high IQ and plays to his strengths, rarely making risky decisions. Okoro has great strength and athleticism and this allows him to excel at driving the ball to score. He is a good finisher at the rim and uses his incredible explosiveness to power through contact and perform highlight plays. His athleticism also makes him a good player in transition, and he does a good job of getting up the floor with pace. While he has only managed two assists per game in college, Okoro is an unselfish player and is willing to pass when he sees an opening. He moves very well without the ball and is always looking to cut and score on the weak side. Okoro has great focus, effort and determination and keeps his composure extremely well despite his age which is a key skill in the NBA that many young players do not possess.

It is no secret that Okoro struggles with shooting the basketball. The further away from the rim Okoro is, the less effective he becomes. He has good touch but poor shooting mechanics and is often affected by closeouts and contests. He struggles shooting from mid-range and from beyond the three-point line and has become hesitant to shoot even when open, instead reverting to driving the ball down the lane. What is also concerning is Okoro’s struggles from the free throw line. For a wing player, Okoro is shooting a poor percentage from the line and will have to significantly improve his shooting fundamentals if he wants to be a major threat and gain attention from opposing players on the offensive end.

Defensive Role

Isaac Okoro is seen as one of the best defenders in this draft class. He has very solid fundamental, especially given his age and is able to guard multiple positions due to his size and athleticism. Okoro is a polished perimeter defender who specialises in guarding wings and is good at reading plays and coming up with steals. He is also a decent post defender, able to match up against smaller fours and block shots at a good rate for a wing player. Because of his size and strength, Okoro is good at working through screens and he excels at being a help defender with his speed and footwork. Because of his focus and effort, he is rarely caught on his heels and can keep up with some of the quicker guards at the shooting guard position. If he can continue to polish these defensive skills, he can become a key defender on any NBA team in the future.

Medical History

No known major injuries to date.

NBA Comparison

Jimmy Butler, Justice Winslow, Justin Anderson.

Projected Pick

Isaac Okoro is projected to be a lottery pick in the 2020 NBA draft with potential to get selected in the top 10. Due to there being no definitive order at the top of this draft class, teams are expected to make selections based on team requirements rather than the talent of each individual prospect so his placement will very much depend on the results of the draft lottery. Okoro is one of the better defenders in this draft class and his potential to become an above average player in the NBA should get him easily selected in the lottery.

Likely Team Fit

The best team fit for Isaac Okoro is the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls are a young team in the midst of a rebuild who are struggling to put together the right pieces. They have a need for someone to take over their small forward position. Otto Porter Jr is not a long-term answer for the Bulls. He is often out injured and does not provide enough defence, especially given the lack of defence from the other young pieces on the team. Okoro will immediately make an impact on this team defensively, guarding the small forward position while providing quality help defence to players like Lavine and Markkanen who struggle on that end of the floor. Okoro also fits in with the Bulls’ timeline adding to their pool of young assets.


Isaac Okoro is one of the youngest prospects in this draft and is also one of the best defenders in this draft class. Okoro will be able to play and defend multiple positions in the NBA and can make an immediate defensive impact. As a wing, his offensive skills need some serious development with his immense shooting struggles but if he can develop to his potential, he can become a serious threat as a two-way player. Depending on which team he ends up on, Okoro can slot into a starting role pretty easily from his defence alone. It is projected he will be drafted in the lottery based on his potential rather than skill and if he can reach his potential, he will be one of the best prospects to come out of this draft.

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